The Benefits of Written Expression + How to Start

The Benefits of the Written Expression by Studio Ease #journaling #journal journal prompts, writing, mindfulness, clear mind, mindful, self aware



I am guilty of getting caught up in the ease of technology, but today, I am bringing it back to the basics: pen and paper. Writing your thoughts on paper can give you a huge advantage in developing perspective, clarity, and efficiency. Whether you are a creative or not, the benefits of the written expression will help you bring yourself closer to your true values helping you live you lifestyle exactly as you dream.


The Benefits of the Written Expression - Lauren Sauder #journaling #journal journal prompts, writing, mindfulness, clear mind, mindful, self aware

Maintain a Clearer Mind


At the end of the day or in the heat of a pressing situation you have to decompress and unpack your thoughts to make room for what’s to come. Make it a habit to dissect the situation or day through written expression, and recover with cleansed view. Not only will you feel better, but you will also grow a sense of awareness about how you process information, bringing you closer to yourself.


Spark Creativity


Writing can be a key move in unveiling the unimagined. Sometimes all it takes is to see your thoughts in a different light to take that concept to the next level. Have an idea? Jot is down, and let your hand become one with your mind. Use it as a tool.


Become More Self-Aware and Mindful


Your thoughts composed through pen and paper tend to be more raw and unrefined without the protection of auto-correct or the ease of deletion that you get from typing on a device. When writing, you are able to really get a sense of your initial intentions and reassess the objective at hand from all angles. Journaling helps you slow down and develop a quality thought process, and craft a more intentional, calculated perspective.


The Written Expression


The written expression definitely has significant benefits for both your life and mental heath. I encourage you to write something on paper every day, whether you analyze a situation over 5 pages or you simply jot down what you had for lunch. You’ll begin to develop clarity and a sense of awareness of yourself and those around you.

How do you plan on using the written expression to your benefit?



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