Documenting time + Space with earth’s most natural pigments.


About the Company

Lauren Sauder is an art studio that celebrates the intentional lifestyle by documenting the slow moments inspired by nature. Creating watercolor paints and printing ink from found pigments, the process requires patience that carefully highlights the mesmerizing joy and beauty of natural materials. 


About Lauren Sauder

My practice is slow, tedious, and always ordered by the daylight that dances through my studio windows reflecting off my brushes, papers, mortar and pestle, and pigments. Breathing in that moment and the faint smell of fresh earth, it creates an overwhelming sense of inspiration and curiosity as I explore and understand earth’s most natural colors, time + space.

My artwork is both simple and minimal, documenting my experiences with our landscapes as I come to understand them through specific shapes and found colors. Far more than just painted shapes, each canvas holds the tactile experience of foraged pigments, the precision of space, and the joy of simplicity.



Studio Ease Owner and Creative Director
Pigments by Lauren Sauder

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Upcoming events :

4/13 — Elizabeth Suzann Springtime Market

4/20 — Anthropologie Earth Day Market

5/20-5/31 — Handmade Pop Up Market

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