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My Favorite Rest + Relaxation Tools That I Use Daily

There are a couple things I use daily that help me find rest + relaxation. Some of the tools are simple, others may involve more time. Taking moments each day to rest not only helps me find harmony between the many personas I take on daily, but also find more inspiration and creativity.

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The Benefits of Written Expression + How to Start

I am guilty of getting caught up in the ease of technology, but today, I am bringing it back to the basics: pen and paper. Writing your thoughts on paper can give you a huge advantage in developing perspective, clarity, and efficiency. Whether you are a creative or not, the benefits of the written expression will help you bring yourself closer to your true values helping you live you lifestyle exactly as you dream.

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5 Self Love Tips for a Clearer You

We spend our entire lives building relationships with our friends, family, pets, coworkers, and even the baristas at our favorite coffee shop. We easily get caught up in these relationships and often forget about ourselves, which is the most important relationship of all. The importance of self love reflects in each activity you partake in. Self-love is making yourself a priority and consistently taking time to do something that directly benefits your body, health, or mind. Today we are sharing 5 self love tips that will help you love yourself more this year.

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