8 Simple Steps to Plan the Best Vacation

8 Simple Steps to Plan the Best Vacation by Studio Ease #vacation #vacationplanning #summervacation best vacation, summer vacation, summer trips, summer travel, travel planning, travel tips, vacation tips



Taking time away from your everyday routine is a must when it comes to promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Vacations are the perfect way to find a little rest and relaxation, but it’s not always easy organizing a big stay away from home. In efforts to help make planning your vacation a breeze, we are sharing some simple steps to ensure your vacation is the best yet!


8 Simple Steps to Plan the Best Vacation - Lauren Sauder #vacation #vacationplanning #summervacation best vacation, summer vacation, summer trips, summer travel, travel planning, travel tips, vacation tips


Top Tip


An important thing to note before you start planning is to start your research early. This will give you the flexibility to take advantage of price fluctuations throughout the year and also give you plenty of time to book your favorite accommodations and activities.


Step 1 : Choose a destination


There are so many awesome places to travel in the states and oversees (check out our post on Must Do Road Trips in the US, so choosing a destination can take some time. Have everyone involved in the trip start a list of their top places to visit, then regroup and pick your top 3. Do some research on pricing, activities, and accommodations for each, then make your final decision.


Step 2 : Create a budget


Creating a budget for your trip is super important and needs to be one of the first things that you do when planning a trip. While researching your top few destinations, be sure to take notes on cost of every aspect of the trip, all the way down to travel snacks. You can never be too prepared!


Step 3 : Research dates


The dates you decide to travel can have a huge impact on your overall cost of the trip. Be sure to keep your max budget and seasonality in mind… If you plan to travel to your destination in prime tourist months, you are more than likely going to spend quite a bit more than if you decided to visit during the off-season.


Step 4 : Check required documents if traveling oversees


Checking to make sure you have all required documents and that they are up-to-date may seem like an obvious step, but in the midst of planning a big trip, it can easily be forgotten. There is nothing worse than opening your passport on the day of a trip and noticing your passport is expired… yikes! Needless to say, always remember to check those docs! Throw your passport in the pocket of your notebook or planner so you have it on hand as you plan your trip.


Step 5 : Explore things that you’d like to see and do


Location, check. Dates, check. Now, it’s time to figure out what you are going to do on this trip. Start another list and jot down activities, local cuisines, and neighboring cities you may want to try and visit. Be sure to have everyone attending the trip take part in creating this list, so that each person has something that they really want to do on the itinerary. If you want to explore your destination like a local, hop on social media and research what people are doing in that city and start following local hashtags.


Step 6 : Book your flights, travel, hotel, and activities


After you have determined the time of year that you would like to travel, you are set to book whenever prices are in your favor. The Hopper app is awesome for watching flights and picking the best dates! While you are booking, remember your travel to and from the airport as well as your travel during your stay.


Step 7 : Check local currencies


Another important tip is to check local currencies and find the best places to exchange your money to avoid high exchanges fees.


Step 8 : Pack smart


When taking a big trip it is super easy to pack way too much stuff. As hard as it may be, try to pack only what you need! Also, take time to research what the weather will be like, so you can better pack and prepare for climate changes.


We hope these 8 simple steps help make your vacation planning a walk in the park. Start planning an get a little rest + relaxation in. If you need help getting started check out our Pinterest for a little inspiration.