The Means to Finding Your Creative Style

The Means to Finding Your Creative Style - Studio Ease #artist #creativestyle creativity, inspiration, musings, design, art, photography



In a world full of creative individuals and influence pouring in from everywhere you turn, finding your creative style can present a challenge and a whole lot of questioning. It’s difficult to see your own creative style, but so easy to see others. Creative style isn’t stagnant either. It’s always growing, changing, and taking on new forms.


Developing a creative style is a process so unique to each of you and may take some longer than others to understand. Sometimes people focus a creative style on the process, or the feeling it evokes within us rather than what it visually represents. This not only applies to art, but also to design, style, blogging, photography, etc.. Below are some of my favorites ways to help begin to develop and understand your own creative style.


The Means to Finding Your Creative Style - Lauren Sauder #artist #creativestyle creativity, inspiration, musings, design, art, photography

Do some research and learn how to feel inspiration.


You all know it’s exciting to scroll through Instagram and flip through Pinterest to discover beautiful images that resonate with something inside of you. And it is okay to have a source of inspiration. There’s a stigma around what it means to be inspired by something which in turn has built a fear around the feeling of inspiration. Processing inspiration is much different than physically copying. Let yourself find those beautiful images, graphics, and blog posts that bring you joy and truly make you feel something.


Instead of turning to your inspiration as a place to make your work from, take time to live with your inspiration and digest what about it really excites you. Maybe it’s the colors, the textures, the personality, or the paragraph structure. Discovering yourself within the details will start to show you so much about who you are artistically. 


Start making work that’s not meant to be shared.


Take time to let yourself just create, and reiterate your work in endless forms. From your inspiration of specifics in others’ work, start playing around with those details. Naturally, your personality will always show in your work.


Experimenting freely without the pressure of others is enlightening. It’s challenging when you feel the pressure to post daily on Instagram, or going live on your stories, and reading how people are responding to your work. But take personal time to align with yourself. Social media is not the end all be all of your work. Sometimes visual details that interest you don’t feel natural when you add then into your work, and other times, it’s the exact piece you needed.


Don’t be scared of growth.


As mentioned at the very beginning, style will change always. It’s inevitable. Without change, there will never be growth. When you find details, topics, subject matters that resonate within you, pursue that. Make tests, experiment, and let yourself really just create. If at a pivot point where you feel like your style is changing, embrace that. Use it as a moment to reflect and understand what in your work is evolving and how that makes you feel.


Creative style is a fickle thing. There’s anticipation that where you are now is what your work should always look like. Take a moment to embrace a few of the beautiful things about creative style and let that fuel your direction. Share your joy in your work and others will feel that passion.