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Growing Your Creative Muscle

Creativity is a muscle - figuratively and literally. It figuratively needs exercise, discipline, and habit to grow and become stronger. It literally flexes through your body as it moves throughout your work. When this creative muscle memory grows, you open up to your work effortlessly, leaving room for light and inspiration.

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3 Reasons Your Goals Will Fail (and how to realign)

Do you remember a few months ago when you gained clarity and felt real excitement for what was ahead for you? Do you still feel that same excitement? Are you still actively working towards your goals? There are many reasons why goals fail, but there are so many more ways to get ahead and keep your mindset focussed and clear.

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The Means to Finding Your Creative Style

In a world full of creative individuals and influence pouring in from everywhere we turn, finding your creative style can present a challenge and a whole lot of questioning. It’s difficult to see your own creative style, but so easy to see others. Creative style isn’t stagnant either. It’s always growing, changing, and taking on new forms.

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