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Studio Reflections 09/18

As the season (slowly) begins to change from Summer to Fall here in Nashville there are a few new and exciting things happening in our studio. If you follow along on Instagram, you know I have big plans to grow Ease’s assortment of products. I’ve started collecting earth pigments and dreaming up of compositions to translate my experience of the landscape into new offerings in an attempt to extend my studies from my BFA.

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The Means to Finding Your Creative Style

In a world full of creative individuals and influence pouring in from everywhere we turn, finding your creative style can present a challenge and a whole lot of questioning. It’s difficult to see your own creative style, but so easy to see others. Creative style isn’t stagnant either. It’s always growing, changing, and taking on new forms.

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25 Things I Learned Before 25

In one short week, I will turn 25. It’s weird to think I will have survived a quarter of a century. While I believe that I will never live another 25 years and experience as many life changes, it’s also pretty damn amazing how much does actually change. Reflecting on the change, I realized I learned more than I could have imagined, about life, relationships, passions, interests, careers, the list goes on. 

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