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Dealing with Burnout: How to Enter a Season of Rest

If I am being completely honest, burnout is a real thing in my life (like many others). Between pouring energy into my business, finding time for creativity, and showing up in my personal life, I sometimes feel zero energy, fearing burnout and the lack of motivation. I face guilt for not feeding my creativity, guilt for not sharing on social media, and guilt for not working during my downtime.

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Views from My Studio 10.26.18

As many know, my season of rest has taught me a lot about creativity, burnout, and opportunities. Through this restful and awakening time, I’ve slowed down and explored some of the most fascinating and mesmerizing processes in my studio. If you walk through my artistic space right now, you’d find a lot of rocks, pigments, powders, mortals + pestles, brushes, palettes, ink, jars and experiments. Using earth pigments to make my own watercolor paints, I’ve continued to explore time + space, a concept that has consistently run throughout my work. If you are interested in collecting an original painting from my first earth pigment collection, sign up with your email below to gain early access to the launch! If you are interested in purchasing my handmade watercolors, connect with me and let me know!

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Studio Reflections

As the season (slowly) begins to change from Summer to Fall here in Nashville there are a few new and exciting things happening in our studio. If you follow along on Instagram, you know I have big plans to grow Ease’s assortment of products. I’ve started collecting earth pigments and dreaming up of compositions to translate my experience of the landscape into new offerings in an attempt to extend my studies from my BFA.

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