A Skill Every Creative Should Have

A Skill Every Creative Should Have - Lauren Sauder #studio creative living, creative advice, studio skills, artist studio, creative ideas, creative goals

Creativity is something that can be nourished, fed, and fueled. Even when you feel completely uninspired or unmotivated your creativity is something that doesn’t leave your side. Often times, through these seasons where inspiration falls short, practicing creativity becomes distant. But what if you worked in the studio every single day, pushing past the fear, the schedule, and laziness? This is discipline, and it’s often lost skill that every creative should have. 

Last year I lost a lot of time not working in the studio. I felt lost creatively, a lack of confidence, and totally uninspired. Moving into 2019, I decided I would focus on discipline. I would work on a painting each day, no matter what my day looked like. I wanted to push my practice, develop a strong body of work, and have confidence in my creativity. The only way this would come is through consistent practice.

A Skill Every Creative Should Have - Lauren Sauder #studio creative living, creative advice, studio skills, artist studio, creative ideas, creative goals

Discipline Helps You Better Receive Ideas

You can lose so much by keeping ideas in your head; thoughts become fragments of ideas never recorded. Practicing discipline helps you better receive your ideas, open up to them, and let them flow out. You don’t have to face your ideas with drama or fear, but instead keep an open mind with time to receive them. Not only will this help work through ideas, but it will bring clarity into your work.

Discipline Helps You Learn Your Creative Patterns

As you practice discipline each day, you’ll begin to see when ideas might be slower and what causes that. You’ll also notice when you feel inspiration and when you have motivation to make work. Understanding your creative patterns will help you better manage your creativity. You’ll begin to understand how and when you can pull in inspiration and when it’s okay for you to rest and work through ideas in a different way.

It’s equally important to keep your hand in your practice. Stay close to your work and find the joy it brings you. This joy is what is going to attract other people. Not everything you create has to be really strong, either. There is no pressure to share your progress.

Discipline Helps You Understand How to Live With Creativity

Just as you begin to see your ebb and flow, you’ll also learn how to live with creativity. How can it serve you? How can you cherish it? How does it become a part of your daily routine? How does it impact/affect you daily? Friending your creativity opens you up to a more positive and abundance mindset. Instead of denying, shying away from, or feeling negatively against creativity, you can open yourself up to creativity and let it lead you to your dream life.

What could discipline really do for your studio? How could it transform your work? How could it bring intentionality into your practice?