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Studio Reflection 07/19

For a few years I’ve frequently found myself in a new place. Moving isn’t a foreign concept to me, but every time I embark on a new journey it’s full of reflections and learnings. This week, I embarked on another move to my fourth state, Maryland.

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Elizabeth Suzann x Lauren Sauder

I’m so excited to finally share that while I spend my days working through my 100 day project, I am letting my imagination run wild on a collaboration with Elizabeth Suzann! Since moving to Nashville two years ago, Elizabeth Suzann quickly caught my attention as a brand/fashion label working to bring quality over excess to their consumer. Always made with 100% natural materials, their clothing celebrates sustainability + simplicity, made for women who want their clothing pieces to live with them.

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The 100 Day Project

I recently read something in a book that stuck with me…

“— to keep your hand in your craft, to stay close to it.”

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, Elizabeth Gilbert.

This resonated with me. I knew exactly why I started the 100 day project, but this summed it up in a perfect sentence.

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Dealing with Burnout: How to Enter a Season of Rest

If I am being completely honest, burnout is a real thing in my life (like many others). Between pouring energy into my business, finding time for creativity, and showing up in my personal life, I sometimes feel zero energy, fearing burnout and the lack of motivation. I face guilt for not feeding my creativity, guilt for not sharing on social media, and guilt for not working during my downtime.

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