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Elizabeth Suzann x Lauren Sauder

I’m so excited to finally share that while I spend my days working through my 100 day project, I am letting my imagination run wild on a collaboration with Elizabeth Suzann! Since moving to Nashville two years ago, Elizabeth Suzann quickly caught my attention as a brand/fashion label working to bring quality over excess to their consumer. Always made with 100% natural materials, their clothing celebrates sustainability + simplicity, made for women who want their clothing pieces to live with them.

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Studio Reflections 09/18

As the season (slowly) begins to change from Summer to Fall here in Nashville there are a few new and exciting things happening in our studio. If you follow along on Instagram, you know I have big plans to grow Ease’s assortment of products. I’ve started collecting earth pigments and dreaming up of compositions to translate my experience of the landscape into new offerings in an attempt to extend my studies from my BFA.

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