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How to Practice Mindfulness to Stay Positive

In a world full of noise, our mind can easily get overwhelmed causing us to lose sight of our vision and goals and let technology (social media) start dictating our lives. Practicing mindfulness is a great tool to help us maintain a clear mind and stay on track for success. It will provide us with balance between personal development and business development and help us live life to our fullest potential.

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25 Things I Learned Before 25

In one short week, I will turn 25. It’s weird to think I will have survived a quarter of a century. While I believe that I will never live another 25 years and experience as many life changes, it’s also pretty damn amazing how much does actually change. Reflecting on the change, I realized I learned more than I could have imagined, about life, relationships, passions, interests, careers, the list goes on. 

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