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5 Self Love Tips for a Clearer You

We spend our entire lives building relationships with our friends, family, pets, coworkers, and even the baristas at our favorite coffee shop. We easily get caught up in these relationships and often forget about ourselves, which is the most important relationship of all. The importance of self love reflects in each activity you partake in. Self-love is making yourself a priority and consistently taking time to do something that directly benefits your body, health, or mind. Today we are sharing 5 self love tips that will help you love yourself more this year.

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The Best Habits to Practice to Improve Self Confidence

Just a few weeks ago we shared an article about overcoming self doubt. This week we want to talk about important habits to become a confident woman because once we overcome self doubt, and begin answering question for ourselves and not based on other people, we start to build self confidence. While it takes time, we want to ensure we practice strong habits that help keep us confident and build a positive relationship with ourselves. 

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