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20 Affirmations to be Inspired By

It takes good time to have confidence to understand, write, and practice affirmations. They are complex, intimidating, and personal. Over the course of the year I have focussed a lot on personal development, learning to slow down, find routines, and celebrate the things that bring me closer to my dreams. It has taken all this time, but I am beginning to compile a list of affirmations that resonate with me. Below is a list of 20 of my favorite affirmations. Take them, adapt them, and find what moves you closer to your dreams daily.

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17 of the Best Daily Routines to Practice to Keep a Clear Mind

Getting yourself into a daily routine is something that can feel overwhelming. If you stop to focus on the real reasons of implementing a good daily routine we realize there are so many benefits to forming a simple daily routines that can hep you keep a clear mind and approach each day with positivity.

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What, Why, and How? Morning, Day, and Night Daily Routines

Daily routines are all the hype on social media. Developing daily habits to practice each day will promote self care and help you keep a clear mind. Give yourself some much deserved down time to understand what, why, and how you can develop the best daily routine for a healthy life.

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