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Dealing with Burnout: How to Enter a Season of Rest

If I am being completely honest, burnout is a real thing in my life (like many others). Between pouring energy into my business, finding time for creativity, and showing up in my personal life, I sometimes feel zero energy, fearing burnout and the lack of motivation. I face guilt for not feeding my creativity, guilt for not sharing on social media, and guilt for not working during my downtime.

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I Quit My Daily Routine for a Month and Here's What Happened

The month of September came and I personally felt burnt out; I needed a season of rest. Everything for the past eight months focussed on personal development and growing a business. I didn’t have the energy to push forward anymore so I decided to just s t o p . There had been several ideas brewing in my mind and I was eager to make time for them at the cost of giving up my daily routine. Here’s what happened.

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