Why Your Monday Routine is Failing

Why Your Monday Routine is Failing - Lauren Sauder #mondaymotivation monday routine, monday motivation, self care, daily routine, schedule your day, prioritize your day



As you begin a new year, it’s important to reflect on what worked last year and what did not. But, in the midst of your busy schedule, it’s easy to forget what your are working towards, the habits you are trying to establish, or to even practice self care. Many of us strive for productivity. We want to get more done in a day so we can have more time to practice the activities we love. Planning for a productive week starts with a healthy Monday routine.


Why Your Monday Routine is Failing - Lauren Sauder #mondaymotivation monday routine, monday motivation, self care, daily routine, schedule your day, prioritize your day


Building the Perfect Monday Routine


Finding Monday motivation starts on Sunday night. Before you head to bed, make sure you allow yourself enough time to properly prepare yourself so you can begin your Monday routine aware of where you need to start your busy week. Begin your Sunday evening with simple things like preparing your lunch for the next day, folding the blanket on your couch, or putting your dishes away. Plan enough time so you can properly brush your teeth and wash your face. Limit screen time right before bed, it will help you get to sleep quicker and ensure you are rested before Monday kicks in. Focus on clearing your mind so you can start your Monday routine refreshed.


Start Your Monday with a Morning Routine


Clearing your mind the night before will allow you to wake up Monday feeling refreshed. Begin your day with a simple morning routine, keeping in mind ways to fulfill your mind, body and spirit. This may include making your bed, practicing affirmations, drinking lemon water, stretching, practicing gratitude, or cuddling with your puppy. Each of these things will prioritize your needs and you mentally. Decide each activity you will practice and how much time you will spend on each one.


Prioritize Your Work Week


Next, start prioritizing your day and week. Begin with your goals and decide what your action steps this week need to be in order to achieve them. Schedule these things first and make them your priority! This is key to ensuring that you are working towards the goals you decided as important to becoming a better version of you. Fill the remainder of you day/week in with items that need to be completed, whether that be for work or your home life. This step does not need to take long. Pull out your planner during your breakfast, or plan over your cup of coffee.


End with an Evening Routine


After you targeted your priorities for the day based on your goals and worked through your day, you want to end your day with an evening routine, just like you practiced on Sunday. Getting into a strong evening routine will help you feel like you clear your mind and feel like you are working towards the things important to you. Take time in the evening to practice something you love, whether that be reading a book, going to the gym, walking, riding your bike, or painting. Give yourself plenty of time to head to bed. Make sure you practice self care, limit your screen time, and allow yourself as little as 5 minutes to journal and reflect on your day. Write about gratitude, what made the day great, daily affirmations, or what you plan to work on tomorrow. Putting your thoughts into writing makes you aware of your thinking patterns and make you aware that you have the power to change it. It will help you stay positive about your life, which in return will drastically affect your work habits.


Monday motivation does not have to be hard to find. You should build a Monday routine with enough structure so that you start your week focussed and prepared to tackle your goals. What will you put into practice this Monday?