Why You Should Stop Seeking More Time

Why You Should Stop Seeking More Time - Lauren Sauder

Time is always changing. Influenced by your perspective. Altered by your reality.

There are moments in life where it's easy to wish for more time. More time to finish a task, more time to spend with someone, more time for the weekends.


But time doesn't have to be the enemy. Time is something you create in your own mind.

Shifting your thoughts, make each minute more meaningful — more intentional. Find yourself in a moment. Really find yourself. Acknowledge your state of being. Remind yourself you are present. 

Developing habits are one way to practice presence. Consider how you want to live and what kind of habits that lifestyle will require. How can you use your habits to slow down? Create a discipline and see how your time will be spent more intentionally.

Stop seeking more time. Make more moments intentional.

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