Timeless Tips for a Healthy Summer

Timeless Tips for a Healthy Summer - Lauren Sauder #health #healthyliving #healthysummer summer healthy tips, how to stay healthy in the summer, summer tips for skin, summer nutrition tips,



Summer time… it’s so easy to get distracted from your healthy lifestyle when you’re going out more, sipping drinks, and getting your fix of desserts. It’s important as the seasons change you stay healthy throughout the Summer season. From what you eat, to how you treat our skin, it’s all important. Read below for some of my favorite tips for a healthy Summer.


Timeless Tips for a Healthy Summer - Lauren Sauder #health #healthyliving #healthysummer summer healthy tips, how to stay healthy in the summer, summer tips for skin, summer nutrition tips,

Tips for a healthy Summer 

1. Always wear sunscreen.


This can be tough to remember when you’re headed to an outdoor concert or just strolling the city. It might not register that you are sun bathing, but whether you are by the pool or taking a walk you’re still subject to sun damage. Apply sunscreen always, especially on your face.


2. Drink plenty of water.


Yes, the summer brings more sweat which leads to feeling dehydrated quicker. Not to mention, you tend to drink more alcohol in the summer. Stay hydrated and always, always pack water.


3. Grow your own foods.


This is one of my favorite Summer health tips. In the Summer it is no doubt tempting to go out more. Instead, try planting and growing your own foods. Grab some vegetable plants, fruit trees, and fresh herbs (depending on your region). This will provide you with nutrient dense foods that are unprocessed and has zero pesticides. Plus, if you get an over abundance of home grown food you can share with family and friends, or host a Summer Soiree!


4. Be picky when deciding what to eat at restaurants.


Sometimes, it’s not always possible to stay in and you want our social fix. When it comes to going out to eat try to pick options leaning towards salads, fruits, and fresh vegetables. Keep in mind, a lot of restaurants cook food in butter (even steamed vegetables). Ask to have your food prepared without butter. If you like to eat meat, pick an option where  the meat is the size of your palm with a side of fresh veggies and a baked potato (w/o butter and sour cream) instead of french fries or mashed potatoes.


5. Exfoliate your skin.


Don't forget Summer tips for your skin. The Sumer brings an excess of dead skin cells. Keep your skin silky smooth by exfoliating. My favorite way is by using a washcloth after washing my face at night.


6. Plan in exercise.


Unsure what to do with your friends? Instead of opting in for brunch, rent bikes and explore the city, or walk your dogs at a park. Try to pick activities that evoke exercise in the case that you start slipping on your exercise regime.


7. Create a summer reading list.


Instead of lounging in the evening watching Netflix, create a Summer reading list. Grab each book from your library or Amazon and make it your goal to read all of them by the end of Summer.


8. Make time for rest + relaxation ideas.


It’s so important to remember to make time to slow down this Summer and practice rest + relaxation. Whether that means a good vacation or building rest + relaxation habits into your daily routine. Learn how to make space in your life for intentional interactions so you can keep a clear mind.


Enjoy your Summer and remember to practice these tips for a healthy Summer. Use the change of seasons as an excuse to reassess your lifestyle and make changes where needed.



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