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I Quit My Daily Routine for a Month and Here's What Happened

The month of September came and I personally felt burnt out; I needed a season of rest. Everything for the past eight months focussed on personal development and growing a business. I didn’t have the energy to push forward anymore so I decided to just s t o p . There had been several ideas brewing in my mind and I was eager to make time for them at the cost of giving up my daily routine. Here’s what happened.

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What, Why, and How? Morning, Day, and Night Daily Routines

Daily routines are all the hype on social media. Developing daily habits to practice each day will promote self care and help you keep a clear mind. Give yourself some much deserved down time to understand what, why, and how you can develop the best daily routine for a healthy life.

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My Favorite Rest + Relaxation Tools That I Use Daily

There are a couple things I use daily that help me find rest + relaxation. Some of the tools are simple, others may involve more time. Taking moments each day to rest not only helps me find harmony between the many personas I take on daily, but also find more inspiration and creativity.

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