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My Favorite Rest + Relaxation Tools That I Use Daily

There are a couple things I use daily that help me find rest + relaxation. Some of the tools are simple, others may involve more time. Taking moments each day to rest not only helps me find harmony between the many personas I take on daily, but also find more inspiration and creativity.

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How to Practice Mindfulness to Stay Positive

In a world full of noise, our mind can easily get overwhelmed causing us to lose sight of our vision and goals and let technology (social media) start dictating our lives. Practicing mindfulness is a great tool to help us maintain a clear mind and stay on track for success. It will provide us with balance between personal development and business development and help us live life to our fullest potential.

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Dealing with Overwhelm in Your Career

Dealing with overwhelm is no joke. The feeling of overwhelm takes over our mental and physical states leaving us feeling anxious, stressed, or nervous. Whether you are dealing with the stress of business or the day-to-day stress of your day job, there are several ways to help you re-center yourself and maintain focus. 

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