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How to Keep a Clear Mind When You Want to Quit

This time of the year can hit our minds hard. We look at the calendar and feel shocked it’s already March. We might be working hard, checking off our to do lists, and tackling our goals, or we might be wondering where has the time gone and struggling to understand what we even accomplished this quarter. Stress, anxiety, and negativity creep in. No matter where you fall with your accomplishments, you might feel ready to throw in the towel. So how do you keep a clear mind when you want to quit?

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Dealing with Overwhelm in Your Career

Dealing with overwhelm is no joke. The feeling of overwhelm takes over our mental and physical states leaving us feeling anxious, stressed, or nervous. Whether you are dealing with the stress of business or the day-to-day stress of your day job, there are several ways to help you re-center yourself and maintain focus. 

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Goal Setting for 2018

With the new year sneaking up on us, it’s so easy to overlook the opportunity of goal setting and truly take advantage of creating new year resolutions. The idea of setting new goals, resolutions, etc. seems great but we often times fail to really reflect on the past year and make the conscience effort to identify the things that did not work and put in place a strategy so that they do work.

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