Studio Reflection 07/19

Studio Reflection 07/19 - Lauren Sauder

For a few years I’ve frequently found myself in a new place. Moving isn’t a foreign concept to me, but every time I embark on a new journey it’s full of reflections and learnings. This week, I embarked on another move to my fourth state, Maryland.

Packing up my studio was a job in itself. It still amazes me how many colors I’ve collected. There’s a relationship I’ve built with the colors in my palette and the conversations shared radiate throughout my space.

The second week of July I will be setting up my new studio and ensuring I’m building a place appropriate for my materials - giving them the space they need to interact and communicate with each other and me. This idea of space is important to me, I yearn for breathing room.

I plan to release new a new collection of paintings by mid-summer. These paintings will reflect the relationships I’ve built with my materials and the currencies they each interact at.

I’m also slowly working on a very personal project, a book about natural earth pigments. This book is unfolding slowly but in the most important way. I’m working to capture the voice and relationships of iron oxides and the role they can have in an artist's life.

With the launch of the book, I’m going to expand my studio shop to include my personal collection of earth pigments. It’s taken me some time to understand the colors that I want to include in an offering to you. I want each pigment to have intention and bring an appreciation of the land to your space.

The remainder of the year holds some exciting ideas, so many that I cannot wait to share.