Slow Studio Moments - Exchange

Slow Studio Moments - Exchange

When two individuals share an exchange, there is a beautiful gift gained. And it’s not the type of gift that is immediately apparent, but instead it’s something that’s felt.

Exchange doesn’t happen by chance, either. I do believe that you have to be open, willing to receive new ideas, and curious about opportunities. You also have to overcome fear. Accept your thoughts and ideas that bring you a step closer to your dream life—you don’t have to share your life story, that’s reserved for those that earned the right to it—and be happy to share them.

This past week, I had this exchange with four different people. Each on separate occasions, each bringing a gift to a different aspect of my life. It’s given me a moment to reflect, gain perspective, and carry this feeling into my studio practice.

When you open up to yourself and build the mindset that you are ready to receive new ideas, I do believe a plethora of ideas will come. Don’t close yourself off to the opportunity to talk to another person. Open yourself up to conversations and let the gift in exchange inspire you.