Slow Studio Conversations - 002

Slow Studio Conversations 001 - Lauren Sauder artist, artist advice, artist ideas, artist studio

You know when you meet someone and they just have this light to them? That is how I felt when I met the women I chose to have my second slow studio conversation with. She was pure and full of endless knowledge. We clicked and immediately decided we needed to extend our conversation over a long coffee.

Slow Studio Conversations 001 - Lauren Sauder artist, artist advice, artist ideas, artist studio

Engulfed in the idea of natural earth pigments, she asked me a lot of questions about my approach to my work. I spoke to simplistic process and my infatuation with the basic elements of my supplies. She compared my work to that of Jane Austen, whom she studies and writes about extensively. This idea resonated with me. Looking at someone as profound as Jane Austen, it’s beautiful to look at her creative practice and realize just how simple it was - she wrote endlessly at a simple desk situated near a window. Nothing fancy, just her and the necessary tools to create her work.

I’m holding this image close to me. I can feel the wholesome inspiration of working with the minimum, inspiring this slow studio.

Second, we talked a lot about the light. The light can be physical or emotional. It holds this sense of motivation within you as it begs you to create throughout the day. For me, the light is very real. It is an essential element to my work and only feel really inspired on days it floods through my window. But there is also this emotional aspect of light that can come from within you. She shared that lighting a candle as helped her bring light into her reality.

From this conversation, I hope to bring into my own studio just the necessary tools to create and leave the rest of the space open, free of noise, for me to create. I want to celebrate the light and use it as a source of inspiration and guidance through my work.

I invite you to share your response, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration in the comments below so we can spread this conversation!