Protecting the Land

Protecting the Land

As you begin to celebrate the gifts of the land and forage for natural Earth pigments, it’s so important to remember to protect the land. I have formed a relationship with the Earth that I cannot really put into words. It didn’t grow overnight, but over a long time of interest and curiosity, give and take. Collecting Earth pigments requires some mindful actions that are important to remember before taking.

Protecting the Land

There are specific measures that can be taken to ensure that ecosystems are not put at risk while collecting materials.

  • Forage in safe places.

    • Keep in mind the rules and regulations where you choose to forage from (ex. national parks restrict land collection).

  • Take in areas that won’t harm the surrounding ecosystems.

    • Consider the area in where you are collecting. Is the geological materials in use by surrounding species (providing shade or protection)?

As you begin to collect and form your own relationship with the land, be mindful of your actions. Use your time in solitude to reflect and be grateful for the beautiful landscapes around you and the color they share.