Hydration Tips for Your Self Care Routine

Hydration Tips for Your Self Care Routine - Lauren Sauder self care, self care routine, hydration, water, nalegene



The biggest thing I am guilty of is not drinking enough water daily. Staying hydrated and following hydration tips is one of the largest overlooked heath remedies and it's one of the most important necessities of your body. I feel how my body lacks hydration throughout the day. I become fatigued, anxious, distracted, irritated, restless, sluggish, and I get headaches. 


Hydration Tips for Your Self Care Routine - Lauren Sauder self care, self care routine, hydration, water, nalegene


Hydration Tips Why Our Body Needs Water


Your body needs water for many various reasons. Most simply defined, dehydration occurs when the relationship between salt and water in our body becomes disrupted or we lose more water than we are taking in. Your body relies on water because it is responsible for normal cell functions such as lubricating our joints and eyes and maintaining healthy skin health (the largest organ in your body). It also aids in digestion, blood flow, body temperature regulations, and much more. When your body lacks water, or when it is dehydrated, it also reduces the amount of blood flow to the brain. This is significant since 85% of brain tissue is water (and makes up roughly 2/3 of our body weight). 


The Symptoms of Dehydration


Dehydration results in a multitude of symptoms because it causes a drop in blood volume which makes the heart work harder to pump oxygen and carry nutrients to the brain, skin, and muscles. As a result, your body attempts to tell us we need water through a range of different signs. Occasionally, when you are dehydrated your body will tell you you are hungry. You could also feel tired even if you are getting plenty of rest. Other dehydration symptoms range from fatigue, to lack of concentration, and yes, even pesky headaches. 


Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Daily Water Intake


More often than I would like to admit I find it hard to remember to drink water throughout the day. When I am in the studio I get so tuned into what I am working on that hours pass and I realize I did not have a sip of fluids. Now, after learning about dehydration and how it directly affects my body, I am taking the initiative to prioritize self care. I am holding myself accountable and encouraging myself to drink plenty of fluid throughout the day by following the below recommendations.


Avoid Dehydrations with 5 Ways to Encourage Yourself to Drink More Water :


  1. Fill a large water bottle (like a Nalgene) in the morning. Keep it at your desk and aim to drink at least two 32oz bottles daily.

  2. Have a step tracking device? Each hour it vibrates and reminds you to move also use it as a reminder to drink a glass of water.

  3. Take a break each hour throughout your day to get up and drink a glass of water. It'll help you step away from your desk, stretch, and hydrate.

  4. Use a water tracking app. There are several, just search water app.

  5. Snack on foods high in water content, like watermelon or cantaloupe.


Lastly, the amount of water you need to drink daily is not set to one true number. As long as you use the restroom every 60-90 minutes then your body is properly hydrated. What hydration tip will you use to stay hydrated throughout the day?