How to Keep a Clear Mind When You Want to Quit

How to Keep a Clear Mind When You Want to Quit #motivation productivity, career, work life, quitting, clear mind, vision board, declutter, workspace, gratitude practice.



This time of the year can hit your mind hard. You look at the calendar and feel shocked it’s already March. You might be working hard, checking off your to do lists, and tackling your goals, or you might be wondering where has the time gone and struggling to understand what you have even accomplished this quarter. Stress, anxiety, and negativity creep in. No matter where you fall with your accomplishments, you might feel ready to throw in the towel. So how do you keep a clear mind when you want to quit? 


How to Keep a Clear Mind When You Want to Quit - Lauren Sauder #motivation productivity, career, work life, quitting, clear mind, vision board, declutter, workspace, gratitude practice.


4 Ways to Keep a Clear Mind when you want to quit


1. Define your why.


Take a moment to reflect. What motivated you to choose what you have your mind set on? Don’t just think about it for five seconds, but really take time to decide your why and write down your thoughts. What is driving you? Why does it bring you joy? Focus on your emotional response to your reasons why. That feeling of joy and excitement is what will support you and keep a clear mind when you want to quit. Each time you’re facing negative thoughts, pull out your reflections and really focus on the emotional response you had and the joy your why brings you now. 


2. Create a vision board.


Where do you see your why taking you? Your thoughts are very powerful, but when ideas, goals, and values only stay in thought form we forget about them, push them to the wayside, and move onto the next thing that physically presents itself. When you physically put your thoughts in front of you, you are physically, not just emotionally, faced with yourself.


Take some time to really understand what you want in personal life and your career. Pull imagery that reflects those goals and hang your vision board near so you see it each and every day. It will be a constant way for you to affirm your goals. Remember to also include things you have already accomplished. Celebration helps focus on positivity and understand how far you have come. Practicing visualizations is a strong tool that will help you grow and move towards achieving the goals you set in place.


3. Declutter your space.


Once you've taken a moment to define your why, observe your workspace. How does it make you feel? Is it disorganized causing you to feel like you have a cluttered mind? It might sound repetitive, but a tidy space is a clear mind. Take some time to clean up the space you occupy during work hours. Organize your studio, throw out old papers, and spruce up your desk. It’s so important to keep your workspace clean so that you can keep your mind clear.


4. Practice Gratitude.


Gratitude practice is talked about a lot these days. You might read about it over and over, continuously scroll past it, and wonder what is the big deal? The truth is, it is a big deal and here is why. Gratitude practice in something quick you can implement and see instant results. Mindfulness will be key when feel like you are ready to quit. When you’re exhausted, burnt out, and constantly battling negative thoughts, unwanted emotions, and anxiety, you’re become so focussed on those emotions that you don’t see the good moments that are helping you move forward. Your ego is constantly looking for way to prove yourself right, so if you focus on negative thoughts, it will prove those thoughts true.


Each day, fit it into your routine to take a few moments to write down what you are grateful for. Make it something very specific, a moment you can mentally revisit and feel that emotional response of joy in your body. The continuous practice will transform your mental health and  help you understand when you are experiencing gratitude in real time. You will begin searching for positivity and focussing on what makes you happy. This focus will bring more positivity into your life as your ego searches for ways to prove your positive mindset right.


When you feel like you are ready to quit it is so important to step back and realign with your personal self. Defining your why, creating visualizations, decluttering your space, and practicing mindfulness will keep you mentally strong so you can swim through anxiety, negative thoughts, or exhaustion.



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