Creating and Developing a Healthy Money Mindset

Creating and Developing a Healthy Money Mindset - Lauren Sauder #money #budgeting money mindset, budgeting money, money health, money conscious, financial freedom

If you sat down right now to fill in the following sentence, how would you answer? Money is _______.

Developing a positive money mindset is challenging. It requires you to dig a little within yourself and discover why you believe certain things about money. It also requires you to do a little adult-ing and face things you have told yourself about money for a long time. There are a few steps that you can take to help reshape your ideas about money and start working towards a financial sound future.

Creating and Developing a Healthy Money Mindset - Lauren Sauder #money #budgeting money mindset, budgeting money, money health, money conscious, financial freedom

1. Get rid of negative thoughts about money and replace them with new, positive beliefs.

Sometimes there is a floating thought out there that money is a taboo. You should not talk about money and having a lot of it makes you a bad person. These thoughts are negative and can cause a doubting outlook on something that can bring an immense amount of value to your life and the lives of others.

Take some time to consider the negative thoughts you have about money; Specifically the things you’ve been telling yourself for a long time. Start with the phrase money is _____, and start writing each thought that comes to mind down on paper and reflect on your feelings towards the topic. Once your ideas are down, take time to start rewriting those beliefs into positive ones. Begin training yourself that you can teach yourself new beliefs around many taught values. Some of my favorite examples are below.

“Money is Evil”

“Money is neutral and does not define me.”

“If you have a lot of money you are greedy.”

“If you have a lot of money it means that you have created a lot of value for others.”

2. Practice having an abundance mindset.

A scarcity mindset is one that believes things will run out, specifically money. In this mindset your fear of running out of money causes anxiety which leads to the lack of money being persistent and the scarcity loop repeats.

A fix for this is to practice having an abundance mindset. An abundance mindset believes there is plenty to go around for everyone. In this mindset you focus on what you have instead of what you are lacking which will cause you to feel at peace, free of guilt, and build the ability to look inward to feel gratitude for what you have and the loop repeats filling yourself with constant abundance. Start acting on the idea that you are thankful for your paychecks and income, feel thankful for everything you do have, and the positive outcomes will begin repeating themselves.

3. Set goals that actively make you work towards the future.

Once you have started building positivity and confidence around the idea of money you can start setting goals that feel valuable and most importantly, obtainable. Focus on how you want to create a compelling future and take the right steps to achieve your dreams, keeping your newly formed beliefs about money in the forefront, always.

Financial freedom is possible, but it begins with your mindset and how you believe about money. Rewrite what you have told yourself to believe about money and begin using your abundance mindset to work towards a compelling future.