3 Reasons Your Goals Will Fail (and how to realign)

3 Reasons Your Goals Will Fail (and how to realign) Lauren Sauder #goals #clarity goal workbook, gaining clarity, habits, creative

Do you remember a few months ago when you gained clarity and felt real excitement for what was ahead for you? Do you still feel that same excitement? Are you still actively working towards your goals? There are many reasons why goals fail, but there are so many more ways to get ahead and keep your mindset focussed and clear.

3 Reasons Your Goals Will Fail (and how to realign) Lauren Sauder #goals #clarity goal workbook, gaining clarity, habits, creative

3 Reasons Your Goals Will Fail (and how to re-align)

1. You don’t have a dream life.

Without truly aligning with yourself, it’s easy to write goals based on what you think you should be doing. This is the fastest way to failure. In order to write meaningful goals full of excitement, joy, and dedication, you must first dream.

Take time for yourself to reflect and truly consider what your dream life is. Write, imagine, reflect, dream, talk, visualize, absorb. What is true to you? Where you want to be in the years to come?

2. You didn’t build a habit.

I could talk about habits all year long. They are truly that important. The first reason you aren’t actively seeing results in reaching your goal is because you haven’t taken the time to build the habit into your everyday life.

Take a moment to determine what type of habits you need to build to reach your goal. Then determine what the first step in that new ritual needs to be. Don’t be quick to say the work is the first step. The first step is what you need to do to begin the work. For example, this year during my 100 day project I knew that in order to begin painting each day I had to get my supplies out and ready to use. Moving into a different room, shuffling through supplies, and setting up is more time to get distracted, lose interest, and lack motivation. The work comes easy, it’s the first step you have to make your habit.

3. You let your mindset get the best of you.

Your mindset is the only thing that will hold you back from growth. You can tell yourself the same lie over and over and let it fester into the reality around you.

Value your thoughts and use slow moments to rewrite healthier affirmations. Write down the negative things you consistently tell yourself and then rewrite that sentence into a positive phrase. Practice this over and over until your mindset begins to shift and you open up to growth.

Realign with your goals and the habits you want to establish this year. Focussing on the values that are true to you will be the quickest way to achieving your goals and finding growth.

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