17 of the Best Daily Routines to Practice to Keep a Clear Mind

17 of the Best Daily Routines to Practice to Keep a Clear Mind - Lauren Sauder #dailyroutines #routines affirmations, visualization, morning routine, evening routine, afternoon routines, routines for busy people, how to keep a clear mind



Getting yourself into a daily routine is something that can feel overwhelming. If you stop to focus on the real reasons of implementing a good daily routine, you realize there are so many benefits to forming a simple daily routines that can hep you keep a clear mind and approach each day with positivity.


17 of the Best Daily Routines to Practice to Keep a Clear Mind - Lauren Sauder #dailyroutines #routines affirmations, visualization, morning routine, evening routine, afternoon routines, routines for busy people, how to keep a clear mind


Daily Routines In the Morning :


Focus on daily routines that help encourage slowing down in the morning and not rushing to get to or start work. Make pockets of time for you to align with your own thoughts, intentions, and goals (personal or professionally).

1. Wake up Early

Wake up early enough so that you can at the very least eat breakfast. So often, especially those of you who have office jobs, are quick to grab a to-go breakfast and eat it on the way to work or at your desks (I was so guilty of this when I worked in an office). Give yourself the extra 10-15 minutes to make something and have breakfast with yourself. 


2. Meditate

This daily routine is a little bit more time consuming and does require you to wake up even earlier, but the benefits are so well worth it. Taking even 10 minutes each morning to be with yourself and breathe helps set your day up with you as the priority. What is important to you, what do you need to complete that day, what are you still seeking answers to?


3. Gratitude

You all know by now that having a gratitude practice can drastically change your overall well being. Take 5 minutes to pull out your notebook and jot down a list of things that come to mind that you feel joy in. Be specific and as you write, feel that joy over and over again.


4. Reflect on Your Goals

If you work from home, this daily routine is a little easier to create time for in the morning. If you don’t, schedule some time on Sunday night to reflect on your life goals. Pull out your planner and see what you plan to accomplish and if you are on tract that week. Adjust your weekly schedule if something is misaligned.


5. Visualizations

Practice visualizing your perfect day each and every morning. Walk through exactly what it looks like and how you feel. Breathe in the energy you have to make it happen.


6. Affirmations

Affirmations are another powerful way to focus your energy in the morning on the goals, ideas, and values that are important to you. Take time to write a few out and practice saying them aloud each and every morning. You’ll start acting in ways that make those statements already true.


7. Drink water

Seriously, get some fluid into you first thing. Dehydration causes stress, anxiety, drowsiness, and distraction. 


Daily Routines in the Afternoon :


Take a moment in the afternoon to recharge. Focus on daily routines that help you find energy to move throughout the rest of your day.


8. Eat Lunch

Take time to step out of your work zone to nourish your body and move your mind to other topics.


9. Drink Water



10. Stretch

If you’re like most of us, you sit at your desk all day long. Take some time in the afternoon to get up and stretch a little. Whether that is taking a 5 minute stroll around your block or standing up to take a lap around your building.


11. Exercise

If you are one that needs to step out of your work zone to refocus your energy, find a yoga class you can take over your lunch break, or create your lunch around exercising.


Daily Routines in the Evening :

Daily routines in the evening can help ease our minds and find some rest + relaxation before we go to bed and repeat all over again.


12. Movement

Take time in the evening to get some movement in your day. Whether this be taking your dog for a walk, heading to the gym, or riding your bike, it’s so important to encourage your body and mind to stay active.

13. Read

Reading helps develop you mentally and open your mind to new stories, ideas, and perceptions. It also helps you relax and divert your attention from the activities on social media. It’s so refreshing falling asleep and your last thoughts be something clear and positive.

14. Journal

Remember, you don’t have to write paragraphs on end about your day; Journaling looks different to everyone. Take a moment to maybe jot down a list, write our your current thoughts, the first sentence that comes to mind, or a to do list for tomorrow.


15. Self Care Routine

We all go through some sort of beauty routine in the evening. Take a moment to use this time to treat yourself with something special. That might be dry brushing, or a small face mask.

16. No Screen Time

It’s proven that looking into a bright screen before bedtime can affect your sleep. Set a time in the evening when the phone goes off and it’s no longer looked at. Avoid scrolling thorough endless feeds right before bed that can leave you with negative or comparative thoughts.


17. Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are a fun way to create relaxation for more of your senses. This helps create a restful environment and help your body begin to relax.


Practicing good daily routines can drastically impact your mental help and help you keep a clear mind. What daily routine do you want to try implementing?